Tuesday, September 14, 2010

JustDial Virus : Sits in your bank account and eats it! Just Dial Stealing money from my bank account

This is my second complaint (and just second in my life) in the same month against a same company "JustDial Pvt Ltd". I bought the business leads service of JustDial for me and a relative of mine (in Car Rental Business) on a same day in January 2010.

My contract with JustDial proved to be disastrous (With NOT EVEN A SINGLE RUPEE BUSINESS TILL DATE), JustDial has just robbed me of my money!)

In the case of my relative's car rental business' JustDial contract. JustDial IS STEALING MONEY FROM MY BANK ACCOUNT!

This contact was initiated on Feb 22, 2010.

JustDial representatives Ms Swati Sing (Ph: 9953274540) and Mr Sahil (Ph: 9717396721) told me:
  1. The first ECS deduction from my bank account will be done only after the consumption of 3 month's advance to which Mr Sahil collected a cheque from me.
  2. I can stop the service any time by calling JustDial Customer Support and the ECS will be stopped immediately.

I found found out that JustDial (their sms and calls) were CORE CRAP. They are not giving any service, JustDial is only harassing with 100% crap SMSs and phone calls!

  • I came to know that JustDial is deducting ECS from the very first month of the contract, the customer support representatives told me that 3 months advance was security amount and so the deduction had to be dine from first month!
  • They told me that stopping ECS will take 40 days and I will have to request through an email.

I requested ECS to be stopped through an email on May 9, 2010 and received a confirmation of receipt on May 10, 2010.



Now, all this month I have been requesting and even warning them that my phone number is registered under DND and they should harassing me by stopping their crap SMSs and refund my money that they have stolen from my account but THEY ARE NOT READY TO LISTEN!!!

The only sentence they say is; "Sorry for the inconvenience sir, refund is impossible. Service will be provided against all ECS!" Their service is nothing but harassment.

THE SCREEN SHOTS OF THE EMAILS ARE ATTACHED HEREWITH WITH DATES ON THEM. Can consumer court save me from these robbers? Can I be helped here because they Just DO NOT LISTEN....PLS HELP, I do not want their SMSs anymore!

Emails Screen shots are available at:


Source: http://www.consumercourtforum.in/f10/justdial-virus-sits-your-bank-account-eats-just-dial-stealing-money-24181/

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