Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Come be unit against JustDial's Loots and Frauds

Everybody, I want to start an online community which will be highlighting JustDial's Frauds. I would like to save people from being victim of JustDial. Please show your support by replying at

Thank you.


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  2. This Just is a fraud company run by a crook called mani
    This crook trained a gang of shameless third class fellows only to collect money from the people. Any self respecting person who is working for this company if at all if he is having conscious he would have quit his job by this time. That is the reason I call this people as a lot who are not only shameless they are third grade third class fellows worse than beggars .They beg for money daily once they get they will not bother about the person who paid money. Even a beggar is better than this guys since he shows some gratitude for the giver

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