Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just Dial or Fraud Dial - India's No. 1 Fraud Engine!!!

I run a small promotional staffing service in Delhi. Received a call from Ms Swati, Just Dial (No. 9953274540) in January offering me Just Dial's business leads service. She offered me a Platinum position (The top most position in the categories given to me) for Rs 16,000/-

Mr Sahil (No. 9717396721) visited my place given me the bill (Which shows 9 categories all understood and approved by me, I still have this bill with me) and collected a cheque of Rs 16000/- from me.

It took around 10 days for my contract to get activated and I started receiving calls. I realized the calls I was receiving were not relevant to my business. I visited their website and found the categories displayed their were different from the categories sold to me. I immediately informed the customer support to which they suggested me to email them.

These are the replies they have been giving me on all my emails BUT NO ACTION WAS TAKEN EVER!

"With reference to your mail received, this is to inform you that we could not added or delete any category because you have taken a platinum contract."

"With reference to your mail received, and as per our discussion this is to inform you that we have already forwarded your request to telemarketing executive. We cannot do any changes in this contract."

Ms swati on her calls (I have recorded the calls) have been accepting that there is NO FAULT OF MINE and this is JUST DIAL's SYSTEM ERROR however to correct the things I have to further pay them Rs 5,000 as the prices have been increased now. She is asking more money for the categories already sold to me.

They sold me the keywords and now they are telling me the same keywords are sold to other people because of the system error and if I want the categories back I have to pay Rs 5,000 more!!!

I have tried everything, even visited their office and met customer support but they do not respond at all. Now, I want my money back as Just Dial has not given me even a single rupee business.

Can consumer court help me in this matter? Kindly advice how can I go about this? I have all the emails, their invoice and recorded calls. PLEASE HELP.

Just Dial is FRAUD!!! I can say that Justdial is India's No. ONE FRAUD ENGINE they make Fool.

Strong action must be taken against Justdial

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